SINOBRAS Florestal invests in partnerships for the genetic improvement of eucalyptus production

Friday June 25th, 2021

The company is responsible for supplying the bioenergetic reducer used in SINOBRAS’ steel production.

The genetic improvement of plants and silvicultural management are extremely important for the quality of the plantations and, consequently, for the activities that depend on them, such as steel production. These are some of the researches developed at SINOBRAS Florestal farms in partnership with renowned institutions such as EMBRAPII (Brazilian Company for Industrial Research and Innovation) and ArborGen Tecnologia Florestal.

SINOBRAS Florestal is the company of Grupo Aço Cearense responsible for supplying the bioenergetic reducer used in the production of steel by Siderúrgica Norte Brasil S.A. – SINOBRAS. These researches can contribute with important studies for reforestation and for the production of bioenergetic reducer. For Juliane Ellem Costa, manager of SINOBRAS Florestal, the projects are important not only for the institutions involved, but for society as a whole. “These partnerships are based on the recognition of opportunities for exploiting synergies between technological research institutions and industrial companies in favor of strengthening the capacity for innovation in Brazil”, she says.

SINOBRAS Florestal investe em parcerias para melhoramento genético da produção do eucalipto

EMBRAPII’s mission is to support technological research institutions in selected areas of competence, so that they carry out development projects for innovation, in cooperation with companies in the industrial sector. ArboGen is a world leader in the development of the production of forest seedlings that has been working for over 50 years in genetic improvement of trees.

The objective of the partnership with ArboGen is to select genetic materials from the company’s portfolio, proven to be adapted to the region where the SINOBRAS Florestal farms are located. The research seeks to ensure greater productivity of forest plantations, providing excellent growth and yield to meet the growing demand.

With EMBRAPII, the partnership works with the development of superior genetic materials from Corymbia (eucalyptus). “As benefits, we hope to identify genetic materials with the desired characteristics for the production of reducers and that are better adapted to the climatic and soil conditions of the region”, explains Juliane Ellem Costa.

The surveys have been applied on SINOBRAS Florestal’s farms for two years and should obtain a final result in another three years. The expectation is that many others may arise from partnerships like these. “The search for process improvements and innovation is continuous at SINOBRAS Florestal. In the future, we will disclose new projects and results of the follow-up of those that are already under development, thus achieving good results for the companies involved and for the entire region. In this process, everyone wins”, highlights Juliane.

SINOBRAS Florestal investe em parcerias para melhoramento genético da produção do eucalipto