SINOBRAS donates oxygen cylinders to the Health Secretariat of Marabá

Friday April 9th, 2021

In solidarity with the delicate moment that the country has been going through, since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Aço Cearense Group has been carrying out actions to contribute to the regions where its companies operate. In this sense, SINOBRAS provided more oxygen cylinders for the Marabá City Hall to use in the city’s hospital network.

The partnership with the Marabá City Hall should alleviate the situation of the Municipal Hospital, which currently needs oxygen to supply the ward that was created for patients with Covid-19, according to the municipal health secretary, Valmir Silva Moura. “Today we have a hospital inside another: the building we already had and the annex we built for people with Covid, who, at the moment, have more patients than the rest of the other wards. In the structure set up outside the hospital, there is no channeling for oxygen, so we need the cylinders to maintain the treatment of people who are hospitalized. We are going through a difficult time and this partnership is important to fight the pandemic ”, explains the secretary.

Raynner Caldeira, supply manager at Grupo Aço Cearense, explains that the lack of oxygen has even affected the industrial process, but that the company has endeavored to help in what it understands to be the most important: preserving lives. “We know about the difficulty that the municipality is going through. We, as an industry, are even paralyzing some work fronts due to oxygen scarcity. So our effort now to buy these cylinders is only to help the Department of Health to go through this delicate period. As far as we are concerned, this partnership will be carried out whenever necessary ”, guarantees the manager.

The Aço Cearense Group has been carrying out actions to combat the pandemic since April 2020, through the Instituto Aço Cearense and its companies, to mitigate the effects of the Covid-19 proliferation. This is the second time that SINOBRAS has given oxygen cylinders to the Marabá City Hall, in addition to other campaigns to donate basic food baskets, masks and cleaning and personal hygiene material to needy communities.