(Português do Brasil) Live in honor of the mothers was a success! - Institute Aço Cearense

Live in honor of the mothers was a success!

Thursday May 14th, 2020

The Aço Cearense Group promoted a Beneficente Live on Saturday (9) to honor and help mothers who are in difficulty. In all, more than 1,600 people accessed the broadcast on Instagram and more than 4,200 viewed it in the next 24 hours through stories. Donations, by bank transfer and the Picpay app, totaled 5.7 tons of food. And the Aço Cearense Institute will double that amount, totaling 11.4 tons of food for the institutions supported by the Aço Cearense Institute. 1,000 masks were also donated, which will be distributed to needy families served by the Institute.

Of great importance was the way Jacqueane Martins, Reducer Supply Manager at SINOBRAS, moved the campaign and engaged a large part of the donations, she called several contacts, employees and suppliers of the company, asking for help and explaining how to donate, all said yes and she managed to collect almost 4 tons of food. “I was going to donate, but I was motivated to look for more to benefit a large number of people. I did it with all my heart and I know that helping others is a very important mission ”, said Jacqueane.

During the live, Aline Ferreira, Vice President Commercial and Financial of the Group, invited Marcela Fabrício, Consultant and Image Coach, for a chat about “Being a woman and the potential for transforming motherhood”. Then, Rosemeire Matos, President of the Aço Cearense Institute and Administrative Director of the Aço Cearense Group, spoke about the importance of helping those in need. Finally, Cantor Waldonys paid a special tribute to the mothers, presenting songs with voice and accordion.