(Português do Brasil) Instituto Aço Cearense donates material to public daycare students - Institute Aço Cearense

Instituto Aço Cearense donates material to public daycare students

Thursday August 27th, 2020

Since the beginning of the new coronavirus pandemic in Ceará, schools and day care centers have closed their face-to-face activities and, so that the school year is not so badly affected, students have started taking classes online.

However, many institutions were unable to provide educational material to accompany the children, as is the case of Creche Nedi Isaias Barbosa, in the Parque Leblon neighborhood, in the municipality of Caucaia. Thinking of contributing to the development of students, last Thursday (20), Instituto Aço Cearense donated more than 170 kits with teaching material that will help develop school activities at home. The school kits contain a box of colored pencils, modeling clay, gouache paint, a sketchbook and glue.

The coordinator of the nursery school, Joênia de Oliveira, explains that many children do not even have access to the internet to take classes online. “We have the project to connect students and teachers, but many students do not follow up due to lack of access. It would still be possible for them to do activities at home, but we face a bigger problem, which is the lack of teaching material for everyone. Based on this perception, we sought the Instituto Aço Cearense and had our project approved. We are very happy to be able to minimize the difficulties of our students ”.

For Rute Silva, mother of five-year-old student Maria Vitória Silva, this material came at a great time, as it was difficult to do activities with her daughter. “Being at home, it’s already complicated to explain to her that she has to do the tasks, imagine without the material. It was a very important contribution, because now we can follow school exercises ”, explains the mother.

According to the coordinator of the Aço Cearense Institute, Luciana Rabelo, this donation is part of a support for the Pintando o Sete em Casa project, an extension of the work applied at the daycare center. “This project is developed through activities to increase schooling, through playful and pleasurable experiences and experiences, with the aim of expanding and improving the integral development of the experiences with paintings and arts in the family”, explains the coordinator.