With 11 years of history, Instituto Aço Cearense has already invested more than R$17 million in social actions

Ações Investimentos Wednesday August 11th, 2021

In 2021, 83 institutions were already covered

Promoting social initiatives to transform the lives of those in need is the mission of Instituto Aço Cearense, created 11 years ago by Grupo Aço Cearense. Since the beginning of its foundation until July of this year, the entity has invested more than R$ 17 million in social projects and helped 216 institutions located in Ceará, Pará and Tocantins, improving the lives of more than 132,000 people.

In 2021, the Instituto Aço Cearense, in addition to monthly donations, has also donated food baskets, supplies, equipment and hospital structure, masks, school kits, Covid-19 tests, medicines, cleaning supplies and personal hygiene for needy communities and for 32 institutions, with an investment of more than R$5 million. With the pandemic, the Institute intensified its actions, working assiduously with entities that serve people in situations of social vulnerability.

For the president of the Institute, Rosemeire Matos, it is necessary to continue focusing on social projects that help people in this even more difficult time. “Our work intensified in 2020 and we continue the initiatives this year. We want to work more and more for those who need our help”.

Instituto Aço Cearense also develops important work in the social area, supporting third sector entities that are engaged in sports, entrepreneurship and assistance to children, young people and the elderly.

To learn more and join this current of good, just follow the institute’s Instagram page @institutoacocearense or access the website: https://institutoacocearense.com.br.