SINOBRAS Florestal employees participate in blood donation campaign

Friday April 16th, 2021

Last week, employees of SINOBRAS Florestal, a company belonging to the Aço Cearense Group, showed once again that solidarity plays an essential role in these difficult times and participated in a blood donation campaign. In partnership with the blood center of Augustinópolis – TO, the action was promoted by the area of ​​the Specialized Service in Safety and Health in Rural Work of the company, with the support of the Health Secretariat of São Bento do Tocantins.

Due to the scarcity of donations during the pandemic period, actions like these are necessary to guarantee the stock of blood centers, as explained by the manager of SINOBRAS Florestal, Juliane Ellem Costa. “Whenever possible, we carry out this partnership, taking our teams to donate, as we know that it is a simple act that can save many lives, especially in this pandemic moment, when it is even more necessary to maintain the supply of blood banks.

All donors were evaluated by the company and also by the blood center. To donate it is necessary to be in good health, be between 16 and 69 years old, weigh at least 50 kilos and be well fed in the last 24 hours. In addition, all health care was taken to avoid any risky situation for the participants. For donors, this mission was rewarding. “Whoever is already a donor continues to donate and whoever is not, and can be, can start. I am grateful to help those who need our help more than ever. ”, Says collaborator Mauro de Jesus.

The Aço Cearense Group has endeavored to mitigate the situation of the Covid-19 pandemic in all the states where it operates, they are Tocantins, Ceará and Pará. Many donations were made through the Aço Cearense Institute and also from the Group companies, such as baskets hygiene kits, oxygen cylinders, medications, among others.