Instituto Aço Cearense campaign collects more than 62 tons of food for needy families

Tuesday June 1st, 2021

The Instituto Aço Cearense has been carrying out numerous actions to improve the condition of people living in a situation of social vulnerability during the Covid-19 pandemic. Several campaigns were promoted for the donation of medicines, oxygen cylinders, masks and personal hygiene material. However, food insecurity has been one of the most aggravated problems in recent months and, for this reason, the entity carried out the campaign “De Coração para Coração – Fome Não”, collecting more than 62 tons of food for needy families.

In addition to the donation from the Institute itself, the campaign also mobilized all employees of the group’s companies, as well as partners and customers. With the amounts collected, the food baskets will contribute to the fight against hunger of 4,970 families, who are part of projects assisted by Instituto Aço Cearense. These selected projects are located in Ceará, Pará and Tocantins, states where the Group’s companies operate: Aço Cearense Industrial, Aço Cearense Comercial, SINOBRAS and SINOBRAS Florestal.

According to Rosemeire Matos, president of Instituto Aço Cearense, the success of the campaign is due to the solidarity of people who believe in the work of the Institute. “We are very grateful to everyone who contributed in any way, whether by making their donation or helping to publicize the campaign. We know that the situation of these people is delicate and that those who are hungry are in a hurry. Instituto Aço Cearense has in its history a long trajectory of campaigns that were successful thanks to everyone who believes in and contributes to our projects. Today we are helping 4,970 families and this was only possible with the solidarity of everyone who joined us in this cause”, she highlights.

Campanha do Instituto Aço Cearense arrecada mais de 62 toneladas de alimentos para famílias carentes