400 children received gifts at this year’s “Happy Hug”

Saturday December 28th, 2019

This December, Grupo Aço Cearense held another edition of the “Abraço Feliz” campaign. The action is carried out by Instituto Aço Cearense, a non-profit institution, responsible for all the Group’s social, educational, sporting and environmental actions and aims to bring a little joy to children at social risk, for Christmas time. Last year the campaign reached around 300 children and this year there were 400 participants from charity institutions. It was the children themselves who wrote the letters with their wishes and the Instituto Aço Cearense collected and made them available in Christmas trees at Aço Cearense Comercial, Aço Cearense Industrial and SINOBRAS.

The first delivery event took place on Thursday (14) morning and afternoon at Aço Cearense Comercial, with musical performances and many smiles from the children of the Associação Escola de Campeões, Lar de Clara and CEPEVIVE. Collaborator Flávio Leitão, Commercial Coordinator, was one of the sponsors and commented: “This is one of the most moving actions of the Aço Cearense Group. Each participant takes a trip in the time tunnel and meets with the memory of his time as a child. It is invigorating to see these children with their eyes shining waiting for the dreamed little gift. I am sure that God will repay the builders of this idea, blessings and more blessings to everyone, ”he said.

Deliveries were also made on Friday at Aço Cearense Industrial Filial and included children from the School of Champions and Lar de Clara. At SINOBRAS the campaign presented the children of the Association of Visual Artists in the South and Southeast of Pará (ARMA). At the events, there were musical performances by the children of the institutions served that touched the godparents and godmothers present.

For Rosemeire Matos, president of Instituto Aço Cearense, the actions were the end of a challenging year. “It is very gratifying to see satisfaction in the eyes of these children. I am very happy to see the participation of employees, especially those who cannot buy a gift alone and join other colleagues to share the value of the gift, this is the spirit of solidarity and unity that we want to shower on our employees. Congratulations on everyone’s participation and contribution ”.

Kelly Vieira, driver of Aço Cearense Industrial, commented that the campaign is very important to do good and bring joy to children. “Last year I participated in Abraço Feliz and I see the importance of Aço Cearense, a large company, supporting this initiative. This is an opportunity for these children not to be forgotten and participating is something very rewarding, both for the children and for us collaborators ”.

Estrutural, an industrial maintenance company, based in Fortaleza, also joined the campaign and adopted about 52 letters.