03 Dec
Instituto Aço Cearense realiza programações no Dia das Crianças

In order to celebrate Children's Day with the supported institutions, the Instituto aço Cearense (IAC) promoted a series of fun actions for children attended by entities located in Caucaia - CE and Marabá - PA.

On the 11th, 49 children from the School of Champions Association (AEC), located in Caucaia, spent the morning at Shopping Benfica and watched a movie session and theater show, as well as play and snack. The action was carried out in partnership with Shopping Benfica through the Happy Morning 2019 Project. The following day (12), in partnership with SESC Fortaleza, the Instituto aço Cearense took 70 more AEC children for a morning of play and fun in the SESC, with popcorn, cotton candy and snack. To end the week, the Cearense Steel Institute and the School of Champions made a special program on one site, on Saturday (19), for 160 children from 6 to 12 years attended by the institution. There were games, a swimming pool, a snack, goodies, gift delivery and toys.


For Maria dos Prazeres, mother of João Abraão, student of AEC, who participated in the programming of the 11th, which had the cinema session, the moment was remarkable. “We had never been to the movies. I loved watching the movie with my son. So far I'm not believing that after 40 years old I was able to come to the movies. I'm being a kid again, ”she said excitedly.



In Marabá, on 15/10, the Institute took 45 children from the FUNCAD Child and Adolescent Care Foundation, located in Marabá - Amapá neighborhood, for a walk in the Marabá Zoobotanical Park. The children got to know the 35 different species sheltered by the institution, including jabutis, parrots, macaws, hawks, monkeys, jaguars, deer, tapirs and wild pig. "It was very cool! We know several animals. I have never seen a jaguar closely, ”said 7-year-old Heitor Sedrigo.