• SESC Ativo

    SESC Active

    This project was carried out in partnership with SESC and offers swimming, futsal and volleyball classes for 120 students from the School of Champions Association and 30 students from the Pequeno Cotolengo institution, both supported by the Institute. Classes are also offered for students...

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  • IAC Solidário

    IAC Supportive

    Campaign conducted with employees to collect used clothing in good condition. In this action, in addition to helping the Peter Pan Association, in the Mc Dia Feliz campaign, through the purchase of sandwiches, donated clothes are delivered to institutions supported by the Institute for...

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  • IAC Social

    IAC Social

    Has the purpose of carrying out, in a single day, social actions for the well-being of people inserted in a vulnerable context. They are actions of citizenship, health and esthetics, such as haircut, manicure, fluoride application, massage therapy, among others. In the first edition...

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  • Campanha abrAço Feliz

    Happy hug campaign

    this campaign has the purpose of encouraging the employees of the Group to feel the solidarity and, at the same time, to bring a little love to children in situations of social vulnerability. The children write letters asking for their Christmas presents and the...

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  • Pedalando pela paz

    Pedaling for peace

    An event that aims to mobilize communities that suffer from violence, encouraging people to live in peace, seeking more security and freedom to come and go. Held annually, the event also seeks to present for children, adolescents and young people the importance of cycling...

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