Cyclist cearense finishes the year in first place in the national ranking

28 Dec
Ciclista cearense termina o ano em primeiro lugar no ranking nacional

After winning the second place in the Brazilian Para-cycling Championship in the Proof of Resistance and the third in the Counter-clock, during tests held December 1 to 3 in Rio de Janeiro, the Mountain Bike Elite and Marathon champion, Gilberto Silva, sponsored by Aço Cearense Institute, also reached the first place in the Brazilian ranking of Para-cycling.

With the sum of points obtained throughout the year, Gilberto still won second place in the national ranking of Mountain Bike Elite. "To reach the top of the national ranking was an old dream, now achieved. Going forward is to redouble our efforts to go even further”, emphasized Gilberto Silva, who is a collaborator of Aço Cearense Commercial.

Happy with the year of success, the cyclist from Ceará now prepares for the challenges of 2018. The first competition will be the Rally Cerapió, from January 23 to 27. Then, the preparation will be complete for the South American Para-cycling Championship, which will take place on March 14 and 15 in Rio de Janeiro.