Aço Cearense Institute is the maintainer of Junior Achievement

04 Oct
Instituto Aço Cearense é mantenedor do empreendedorismo no Estado com apoio a Junior Achievement Ceará

The Aço Cearense Group, celebrating its 38th anniversary in the steel market, celebrates the strength of its companies in the country's economic scenario and the correct and responsible socio-environmental performance that has always guided its work. Through the alignment of its business to a socially engaged management, it enhances and expands actions to combat poverty and marginalization, contributing to the development of Ceará and also of Pará, where SINOBRAS is located. To support this work, the Group has the Aço Cearense Institute, responsible for all its social, educational, sports and environmental actions.

One of the institutions that has been supported by the Institute since October 2016 is the Junior Achievement (JA) Ceará, a non-profit educational association, maintained by the private initiative, whose purpose is to awaken the entrepreneurial spirit in young people, for through the "Learn-doing" method, pioneering financial education, preparation for the job market and entrepreneurship, generating paths for employability and job creation. Founded in April 2005, with headquarters in Fortaleza, JA Ceará offers 25 educational programs focused on entrepreneurship, benefiting children, adolescents and adults. Through its technology, it seeks to foster a new educational understanding, incorporating entrepreneurship into the curriculum of primary, secondary and university education. By 2016, the association reached 46,500 students benefiting from 320 schools, between private and public state schools, and 2,261 volunteers and counselors of the methodology of partner companies and universities throughout the State.

As one of the maintainers of the Junior Achievement Ceará, Aço Cearense Institute contributes to the maintenance of activities aimed at the formation of young people and, consequently, to the future of the entrepreneurial class, the economy of the state and the country.